Please read FAQ here before your inquiry.
01:I didn't get your ID/PW mail.>>Please cofirm your SPAM folder carefully.
02:I can't log in.>>Simply miss typing, copy and paste it or check Alphabetic L(l)and I(i), alphabetic O and number0.
03:Page not updated.>> please reflesh the page to type F5 key.
04:I can't save photos.>>Try to use google chrome/firefox browser.
05:I can't download movies.>>Our movies are all streaming movie. the rate will be upgraded in the future.
06:I want to see the previous update.>>Our gallery is replaced when the new updated. Past gallery will be on listed to archive after a few months or the series completed.
07:I want to cancel.>>When you make cancellation, you can't log on immediately. We don't recommend you until 30days(before rebill) to keep your access value.
08:I want to know the name of the photo in members area. or do you have xxxgirl in your collection.>>We can't tell you the data in members area before signup. we already notify the date on free side pages.
09:Do you have any naked photo/movie?>>We don't have any naked/pussy/dick photos/movies. our website is totally niches to avoid the law problem.
10:Then Do you have girl's photo under18age?>>Our photo and movies are all over 18aged models and had agreements.
11:Please let me know how do you make this shoot?>>All our contents are buying stuffs from 3rd party enthousiasts. So we have no idea how they are taken and skills.
12:Which instruments do you use?>>We have no idea about any tools of 3rd party enthousiastes.
13:How many photos and movies you have in?>>over 30000photos and HD/superHD movies over 10hours and increasing now.
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